A Pink Best Birthday Saturation Point?

How many pink, adorable birthday books by wonderful female illustrators can the market handle?

Apparently two – and one a month at that!  I had a deja-vu moment tonight when I read a review for Jennifer Larue Huget and LeUyen Pham’s The Best Birthday Party Ever.  Looking at the book cover didn’t help me either.

Did I order that book?  Yeah, I think I did.

But I hadn’t.  I had ordered this:

That’s The Best Birthday Ever! By Me (Lana Kittie).  Now, they’re clearly not identical books and the illustrators have completely different styles.  But you have to admit that there’s some definite similarities in titles and colour schemes.  Also, they were released a month apart. The Best Birthday Ever! By Me (Lane Kittie) was released January 4th and The Best Birthday Party Ever was released February 22nd, which makes me feel a bit less like a dunce for being completely confused.

About ten minutes later, I had another confusing moment when I was checking to see if I had ordered Arthur Geisert’s new wordless wonder, Ice. We already had two books titled Ice on order but they were a little different:

Someone really needs to start a book review blog comparing and contrasting books with the same title.  The above comparison would be especially interesting, methinks.

One thought on “A Pink Best Birthday Saturation Point?”

  1. yeah, I got confused by the two pink birthday party books, too. I really like LeYuen Pham’s illustrations but I think the party etiquette storyline in Kittie Cat story was more engaging. Or maybe it was the mention of underpants as a present that my boys found amusing…


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