Merry Christmas with Tammy Grimes!

Oh boy, I was majorly pumped to find out this bit of Tammy Grimes trivia today.  Basically, everything I loved most in my childhood relates to her.

Since childhood, I have been obsessed with a little-known (or at least I think it’s little-known; it never made it onto DVD) Rankin Bass animated version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Thank you, 1974, for bringing this to television.

Long story short: human family and mouse family live in harmony together in a house.  Human dad is a clockmaker.  Mouse dad has some job or another, but he often converses with human dad.  Mouse dad has a son that writes to Santa and tells him to bugger off because Santa ain’t real.  Thus, Santa decides not to visit the town.  Human dad must build a really nice clock (that plays music of course) to lure Santa back.

The show used to get played on the Family Channel but I haven’t seen it on for about ten years.  Sadly, my VHS copy from eBay is somewhere at my mom’s house.  Thank God for YouTube.  Tonight I’ll be huddled ’round my laptop watching a really low-quality version of this amazing piece of television history.

The songs are SO DOPE.  I managed to download this little gem, “Even a Miracle Needs a Hand,” off Limewire or some other illegal program back in 2004.

Well, guess who voices the role of the disenchanted mouse son and sings some of the aforementioned dope songs?  TAMMY GRIMES!  TAMMY GRIMES!

You may remember that I blogged about the best audiobook of all time, narrated by the TG (also now obscure and hard-to-find). What a coincidence, hey?!  That’s a Christmas Coinicidence, folks.

Have a good one!

Tammy Grimes in a clip art Santa hat, obvi.

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