Post-ALA Midwinter Depression Spiral? Follow These 5 Easy Steps


That’s the sound of post-conference blues.  You’re overtired and feeling wired and crazed and still blinking from the Youth Media Awards light show and you come home and realize that you don’t have any eggs to hard-boil for breakfast and your favorite tights need washing and…BLURG.

Well, that’s how I was feeling Wednesday morning on my second day back at work post-ALA Midwinter.  But then I did some things that put a bit of the pep back in my pants.  If you’re having a D in the D (down in the dumps) day, follow my patented program.

Tip 1: Put Up Those Posters

For the most part, I’m an anti-swag person.  I hate lugging a bunch of stuff home and I live in fear of becoming one of those insane rolling suitcase librarians in the exhibits.  But I have started a nice little poster collection in my office and scored two additions this past weekend.  Behold, Olivia, matching perfectly with my office’s pink walls (yes, I have a boss that let me paint my office pink.  Though I originally tried for something more of the Pepto-Bismol variety but that was vetoed).

Don’t worry, those creases work themselves out over time.

I also made a bold statement by throwing this one for Lane Smith’s Abe Lincoln’s Dream right on the front of my office door.  This is a no-Confederate zone, y’all!

You know what people are going to think when they see this? Fancy.

Tip 2: Put a book you love (but many don’t know or under-love) up on display

My pick was Hamsters Holding Hands by Kass Reich, published by BC’s own Orca Books.  If this doesn’t cheer you up, you have major problems.  There is a HAMSTER holding a BALLOON ANIMAL.  Alternatively, you can put all the award winners from Monday up on display too for bonus points.

And remember this?

Tip 3: Weed Something Ghastly

Like this! Wheezy – a story about a little English boy with asthma published in 1988.

My favorite page is below where the little dude asks “Please could I have some of those leaflets for my asthma scrapbook?”  Then he joins “the Saturday Swimming Club for children with asthma” (YES, this is actually what it is called) and everything is hunky dory.  He probably grew up just fine.  I actually weeded this today, guys.  No jokes.

Tip 4: Order Those Winners You Missed

White Bicycle. ‘Nuff said (and it’s apparently third in a trilogy?! That’s gotta be some other record/gasp-worthy thing).

Tip 5: Have Someone Call You a Unicorn

I was helping out with a real reference question doozie on the desk when my girl Saundra sent me this email.  A good reminder of the power of a shout-out and what a boost it is to get compliments from colleagues.  Made my day and something I want to do more often for others.

And, if all else fails, pump some 90s jams.  I blasted this all the way home.  Just go ahead now.

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