YA Covers: Can Black Not Be the New Black?

The YA collection at my library looks like it came from bottom of a coal mine.  Black.  Black.  Black.  And it’s not our fault.  With the paranormal explosion came the black/dark cover explosion..  I wonder how Jerry Spinelli is doing these days as the turquoise wonderfulness of Stargirl literally shines out from the  charcoal abyss.

Since fangy and wingy dudes are supposedly on the decline, I’m hoping that colour might come back.  Especially because colour can still be edgy.  I got to thinking about this when I saw the cover of a new Simon and Schuster book, Choked.

Despite being a dark, murder-y , mystery-y type deal, it’s pale pink.  Yes, there’s some black on there, but using it sparingly actually has the effect of making the book look darker and creepier than if the whole thing was drenched in Dracula’s favourite colour (I assume Dracula’s favourite colour would be black.  But actuallly, now that I think about it, it would probably be red, hey?  Like a deep, deep red.  Whatever. Just go with it).

Here’s hoping there are more pink (and red and turquoise) covers coming our way.

Oh, and here’s the inspiration behind this title’s blog post (at the 2:05 mark, but you should really watch the whole thing because it’s hilar).

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